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TOTAL College: We were honored to win the 1st PLACE with this project in the greatest Corporate Architecture Award in Latin America! The concept of the facade is the pages of a notebook: on the one hand, there are blank sheets, without lines, which refer to people who already have a definite vision of their future and who are already determined about what to write in their history. On the other hand, the notebook is ruled, which refers to those who are starting their learning process and are still formulating their worldview.

The project breaks paradigms, since it covers institutional issues (school teaching and education) as well as spiritual, as it has places for meetings of those who seek perfecting themselves in the character of God. In this sense, the building is also called the World Worship Center.

The project respects nature, as it sits on the ground in a non-aggressive way, minimizing the impact with excavations; as well as respecting social relations - the flow of pedestrians was placed on the street with less vehicle traffic. And finally, architecture also considers the human being, since it offers TOTAL accessibility in all environments. And that is to be an architect: it is to have TOTAL involvement with people, with the place and the need of our client.




SIZE: 1.854 m²

SITE AREA: 2.000 m²

TYPE: Institutional

Publications of the project

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