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Quem Somos

what we are

We are excellence and simplicity. We serve our customers in the most humane way, and our formula is C4: creative competence, committed to character. We are joyful and passionate about what we do, and our mission is to produce an architecture of happiness.
We are grateful and we respect dreams and goals. We believe that the reward for commitment always comes.

what we believe


We believe in transforming realities through contemporary, sustainable and healthy architecture projects, embracing and respecting the environment. We believe that we can materialize dreams, ideas and expectations, and thus connect people. We believe in creating quality of life, development and growth, at home or at work, through space.

From well-aimed initial dashes to the most efficient technological resources, our projects set unique concepts. Wherever our brand goes, our hearts go together!

LM Architecture Team


the team

Luiz Márcio


Luiz Márcio is the director of the company. He learned to draw in his childhood and still carries a mechanical pencil everywhere.




Portobello Award with Highlight for Sustainability: It was a great honor to receive this prize! Our objective is and will always be to promote the use of natural resources and technology in our works in a responsible manner, reducing the environmental impacts that also manifest themselves as savings for our customers.


TOTAL College, Goiania: We were honored to win the 1st PLACE with this project in the largest Corporate Architecture Award in Latin America!

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